Thursday, November 20, 2014

Don't Let It Slide!

by: Dr. Elizabeth Dunkleberger DDS

    The day your children leave the nest and start college marks a major life milestone, both for them and for you. They're on their own and now need to make important decisions everyday without Mom or Dad around to help and to provide the occasional gentle reminder. Like making certain that they pay attention to their dental health and don't forget their regular checkups.
    The plain fact is that periodontal (gum) disease very often begins for adults when they leave home and strike out on their own. This period may also coincide with an end date for certain types of dental care insurance that many families have. Being in a different city means either finding a new dentist or trying to schedule appointments around holiday time at home.
    Let's face it: your bright young offspring are much more interested in making their way through college and creating a career than worrying about gum disease, and who can blame them? Science has irrefutable evidence that gum disease, left untreated, directly affects an adult's chance of stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and even dementia.
    Make sure your scholar has regular checkups throughout the college years. Their lifetime of happy healthy smiles may depend on it.

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