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CREATING Beautiful Smiles Esthetic & Family Dentist

The Best



Our goal is to

help you have the

best possible oral health for

a lifetime. For some people,

only the high cost of repair

is a motivator to adopt

preventive habits. They know

that the longer they wait, the

more dental repairs will cost.

Decay in one tooth, if

left untreated, will spread.

Instead of one filling,

you’ll likely need a crown,

increasing the cost by more

than six times. Further

delays could result in root

canal treatment – even more


The early stages of gum

disease are easy to treat with

dental intervention and good

home care. Without these

therapies, it can result in

tooth loss.

It is never too late to

start a preventive oral

health program. Remember

…prevention is the best


Yours in good dental health,

Dr. Dunkleberger

Straight Teeth = Health

The added benefits of Invisalign

We seek the maximum benefits from

everything. Look at cell phones. They’re

not just for calls anymore – they’re for

email, web surfing, and entertainment.

Talk about multi-beneficial!

Why should your

orthodontic treatment

be any different? You

can have more than

just straight teeth.

With Invisalign®, not

only can you improve

aesthetics, but more

importantly, occlusion

(bite), periodontal health,

and overall health.

When teeth are

misaligned they can be

difficult to clean. Gaps and

crowding can exacerbate

the buildup of bacteria,

making the development of periodontal

problems likely. The resulting gum

disease has been linked to overall health

issues, including diabetes, heart disease,

stroke, and a host of other systemic

troubles. This illustrates the need for

straighter teeth – not just for looks, but

for your health.

You can even begin to reap the

benefits during treatment, because with

Invisalign, unlike braces that cannot be

removed, aligners can be removed to eat

and at cleaning times. This allows for

proper brushing and flossing techniques

which reduces your risk of periodontal,

and overall, health problems. You can

better maintain effective oral care.

Once Invisalign treatment is

complete, your bite will be correct,

and chewing and possibly even speech

improved. Realignment also relieves

stress on the supporting bones and

jaw joints, preventing future problems.

And of course, your proud smile will be

bright and beautiful.


your overall


Ask us




True Quality Shows

When you’re smiling – we’re smiling!

Gum disease is a triple threat. It arrives silently without

symptoms, so opportunities for prompt treatment are

missed. It can damage your oral and general health, and

it can profoundly diminish your quality of life because

untreated gum disease can affect your day-to-day

life in many ways…

l Your mouth and face can really hurt. It is an infection

after all, and as such, involves swelling and bleeding.

l You can find it difficult to chew food which puts your

general health at risk. Flavor can be greatly reduced.

l Altered chemical and digestive processes in your mouth

can lead to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive

disorders that will inhibit your work and social life.

l You may find it challenging to communicate clearly

because of loose or missing teeth.

l You can experience deep feelings of embarrassment and

isolation because swollen gums, missing or tilting teeth,

and prematurely aged and sunken facial features may

inhibit you from smiling.

Thankfully you’ve got us! With

regular visits and assessments, and

a little home care instruction if

you need it, we can help you

avoid gum disease and help

decrease your risk for other

chronic diseases!

We’re On

The Lookout

Regular oral cancer screenings

While you may think that cancer of the mouth is

rare, it will be diagnosed in over 100 people each day

in North America, and someone dies from it every

hour every day.

l Younger non-smoking patients under the

age of 50 are the fastest-growing segment

of the oral cancer population.

l 75% of head & neck cancers originate

in the tongue, 17% on the lip,

14% on the mouth floor.

l When found at early stages of

development, oral cancer patients

have an 80-90% survival rate.

Please keep your regular

hygiene appointments where we

can thoroughly check for signs of

anything unusual. That could be all

it takes to save your life.

A Change

Of Attitude

Root canal Rx

The power of words to conjure feelings like anxiety is truly

amazing. Say “root canal” and you know what we mean. That anxiety is

residue from the very distant past, as today, this procedure is comfortable

and safe. With advanced endodontic techniques and technologies, it’s also

fast, efficient, and without discomfort.

Treating teeth that have become infected, damaged from injury, or contain

a slowly dying nerve can protect you from pain and suffering in the here and

now ... and extensive restorations, discomfort, and expense in the future.

Once we’ve saved your tooth, we’ll restore it to its former strength and beauty

with a crown. That way you and your tooth – and your smile – will be protected

for the long-term!


Candy Is Dandy

But a great smile is better!

Smiling is even better than feel-good chocolate! It creates a caloriefree

happiness loop that reinforces your feelings of joy, and socially,

it helps to create trust with others. People can tell if you are smiling

on the phone, even if they can’t see you! So if you’re not smiling

because it embarrasses you, cosmetic veneers could give you

high-speed access to the gorgeous smile you want.

Veneers are individually sculpted just for you. They’re so

natural-looking that no one will know you have them ... but

they will definitely notice how beautiful your smile is.

Here are four great things that

veneers can do for you…

1. Brighten dull, yellow, or even darkly stained teeth.

The modern materials we use also resist future


2. Correct slight twists, overlaps, & gaps – instantly –

without braces.

3. Camouflage chips & cracks.

4. Re-balance the appearance of teeth that are

misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped.

If you’d like brighter teeth, skip the sugar high and

give us a call or tell us at your next recall appointment.

Let’s talk about improving your smile!

Results may vary

What you eat has a powerful

impact on your teeth. Not just on

an immediate level – when sugars

and acids break down teeth enamel

– but nutritionally. To fortify your

smile, choose fresh produce rich

in provitamin A (beta carotene)

including collard greens, cabbage,

spinach, lettuce, carrots, sweet

potato, pumpkin, and kale. Eat

raw, cooked, or baked! Low-cal,

nutritious, and delicious!

Kudos For Kale!

Enrich your smile

Try Healthy Kale Chips

1 bunch kale

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon seasoned salt

l Preheat oven to 350ºF.

l Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

l Remove the leaves from the thick stems & tear

into bite-sized pieces. Wash & dry thoroughly with

a salad spinner.

l Toss dry kale in olive oil & sprinkle with salt.

l Spread on cookie sheet and bake until edges brown

(about 10-15 minutes). Make sure you watch

closely to avoid burning.

before after

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Esthetic & Family Dentist

We strive to provide the

highest quality of dental care

and patient experience.
Flexible financing options & no-interest

payment plans available. Call for details!

The day your children leave

the nest and start college marks a

major life milestone, both for them

and for you. They’re on their own

and now need to make important

decisions every day without Mom or

Dad around to help and to provide

the occasional gentle reminder …

like making certain that they pay

attention to their dental health and

don’t forget their regular checkups.

The plain fact is that periodontal

(gum) disease very often begins for

adults when they leave home and

strike out on their own. This period

may also coincide with an end date

for certain types of dental care

insurance that many families have.

And being in a different city means

Accept Our Gratitude...

For your referrals

We’d like to thank all of you for

sending your family, neighbors, and

even business colleagues to our office.

These referrals mean a great deal to us!

They tell us that we’re doing a great job

for you and your family, and that you

trust us to do the same for other people

in your sphere of influence.

That’s why we are so committed to

continuing education and to leadingedge

technology, procedures, and

materials. And it’s also why we work so

hard to streamline recordkeeping and

claim processing to keep your visits


Yes, we really appreciate the new

business you send us! As professionals,

the real brass ring is knowing that our

team is providing gentle, caring, and

excellent dentistry to you and yours.

Botox And

Dermal Fillers

When you think of cosmetic

dentistry, you may not think of Botox®

and dermal fillers. But the truth is,

the appearance of your mouth and

smile has a lot do with how attractive

you look and feel. Today, cosmetic

dentists have the skill and know-how

to use Botox and dermal fillers to

enhance your lips, smooth lip lines,

and eliminate wrinkles around the

mouth to create a more beautiful and

youthful appearance.

Don’t Let It Slide!

Good habits. Good health.

either finding a new dentist or trying

to schedule appointments around

holiday time at home.

Let’s face it: your bright young

offspring are much more interested in

making their way through college and

creating a career than worrying about

gum disease, and who can blame

them? But science has irrefutable

evidence that gum disease, left

untreated, directly affects an adult’s

chance of stroke, heart disease,

osteoporosis, cancer, and even


Make sure your scholar has

regular checkups throughout the

college years. Their lifetime of happy

healthy smiles may depend on it.

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