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Produced for the patients of Dr. Dunkleberger Spring 2014
To Our New
We’d like to take
this opportunity to
welcome all our guests, their
families, and their friends to
our newsletter. We hope you
all learn a little more about
your oral and dental health,
and about our commitment
to providing the very best
professional service possible.
Every guest visit to our
practice is a special occasion
for us: we believe that every
one should have the beautiful
smile they truly deserve.
And we’re determined to
make every guest visit to
our office a relaxing and
pleasant experience. Our
team of caring professionals
is here to serve you in a
compassionate and effective
way to ensure your treatment
is the best it can be.
We’d also like to invite
you to visit our web site at
at any time for further
information and news about
our practice.
Yours in good dental health,
Dr. Dunkleberger
from the dentist
CREATING Beautiful Smiles Esthetic & Family Dentist
Dr. Dunkleberger is passionate about dentistry and her
patients’ wellbeing. Because she understands that painfree
oral health is so closely aligned to an attractive
appearance and self-confidence, she is continually
researching and training in advanced therapies
like Botox® that can provide both.
Botox has cosmetic advantages because it
reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles,
and scars. Yet there is another benefit that
can also take years off your appearance.
Botox can literally set you free from
dentally related head and neck pain so that
you look and feel younger, more relaxed,
and energized.
Chronic pain can be caused by strained
muscles, often those around your jawjoints
(which results in Temporomandibular
Disorder or TMD). This affliction can be truly
debilitating because of pain, interrupted sleep,
and even damage to teeth and restorations due
to bite misalignment. End result? You look and
feel worn out … and worn down.
Whether you are interested in Botox
to enhance your appearance,
relieve chronic pain, or a
combination of both,
please feel free to call
for your consultation.
Look Younger
Feel Better With Botox!
There’s A Camera!
Book now to get the smile you want
Look out your window ... what do you see? You know it doesn’t
really matter whether we are witnessing the first eagerly awaited
buds of spring or just anticipating them. In our hearts, we are always
ready for the excitement and social events that warm weather brings.
Let our team turn anticipation into dazzling results in time for that
June wedding or graduation by booking your spring smile update!
Booking ahead is a must-do if you want your smile to blossom in
time for any planned occasion. There are two reasons for this. First,
as weddings, graduations, and other photo-filled events approach,
wise consumers anticipate the very high demand for cosmetic dental
services. Second, we want you to have time to enjoy the process – to
consult and ensure that your terrific updated look is really you!
Be prepared and smile for the camera - with confidence! Teeth
whitening can take as little as one visit or a few weeks in the privacy
of your home and make a remarkable difference in the impression
you make. Other transformative techniques like bonding, cosmetic
veneers, crown and bridge, and even a gum lift can completely
rebalance and enhance the dimensions of your smile.
Don’t wait for the camera to find
you - book your appointment now!
Information included is not dental or medical advice. For your specific
information be sure to consult our office. If you do not wish to receive
this newsletter, please contact us directly.
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Spreading The Word
Thank you so much
The power of the spoken
word cannot be denied. When
used to help improve the lives
of others, words not only bring
positive change, they often bring
life-long results. And, when
spoken as a referral or “personal
testimonial,” all kinds of good
things spring forth.
Do you know how we measure
the quality of care we provide for
you? Every time you return to
our practice, give us your positive
feedback, and tell your friends,
family, and colleagues to come
see us for their dental care, you
are letting us know that what we
do for you matters. Your support
motivates us to continue raising
the bar on the superior standards
you expect.
Thank you, from all of us, for
your wonderful feedback, your
loyalty, and your ongoing new
patient referrals.
Keeping Connected
Visit our Facebook page!
We’d like to personally invite you
to like us on our Facebook® page.
We’ve found it’s a terrific way to
keep in touch with you and we really
enjoy being able to share photos and
updates about our practice, team
members and events. You can also
use it to book appointments and leave
your feedback and reviews.
If you are already on Facebook, you
can search for Elizabeth Dunkleberger
DDS or you can visit our website
at and
click on the Facebook icon. To start
receiving practice updates and other
information simply click on the
“Like” button.
We looking forward to hearing
from you, and please feel free to share
our Facebook page with your family
and friends.
We strive to provide the
highest quality of dental care
and patient experience.
Flexible financing options & no-interest
payment plans available. Call for details!

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