Monday, February 29, 2016

Gum Disease Diabetes

Gum Disease
By: Elizabeth Dunkleberger DDS
A two-way street
Periodontitis is a chronic
inflammation of the gums which
damages tissue and results in bleeding
gums, drifting teeth, and eventually
tooth loss. Alarmingly, those with
periodontitis are at much greater risk
for developing diabetes within 10 years
than those without. This is because the
chronic inflammation that is present
with periodontal disease affects your
ability to regulate blood glucose levels.
Even gingivitis, the precursor to
periodontitis, is a contributing factor
for developing diabetes.
n Eat a balanced diet & avoid sugar
n Quit smoking
n Exercise moderately
n Tell us about any changes to your
oral health including loose teeth,
bleeding gums, puffy gums, or
chronic bad breath – all signs of
advancing gum disease.
n Foremost, brush and floss
regularly and keep your regular
appointments with us. Call now
to confirm your next visit!

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