Monday, February 29, 2016

Your Teeth Are Precious

Your Teeth Are Precious

By: Elizabeth Dunkleberger DDS

Let us help you keep them that way
Tooth loss causes two significant threats to your oral and overall health.
#1 Teeth stimulate your jawbone with tiny movements, so tooth loss
means less stimulation ... which results in bone loss ... which means
unattractive physical and cosmetic consequences. That’s why it’s
important to save a tooth compromised by decay or trauma by
strengthening and protecting it with a crown instead of extracting it.
#2 Lost teeth impact the way your remaining teeth fit together and the
way they function. Neighboring teeth shift into the space left behind
which will result in a crooked gapped smile. Without opposing
teeth, chewing efficiency is diminished which invites a multitude of
complex issues that can cause pain, a decline in nutrition, and issues
with speech and self-esteem.
The solution? Tried and true crown and bridge treatment will help keep
your teeth properly aligned and maintain your ability to eat, talk, and smile
with confidence ... helping you to stay physically and mentally healthy.

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